If Messi plays, he plays – Allegri on Dybala rumours

If Messi plays, he plays – Allegri on Dybala rumours

By Football Italia staff

The Bianco-Neri are not going to let the rumours of the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus go without a fight.
The club has already made a move for the Portuguese, but the transfer will be a long-term one.
It is now clear that the club will not be able to buy the player, but will have to make do with a loan.
This is what the club’s president, Claudio Lotito, has said: “We need to find a solution for the problem.
“We have been negotiating for a long time, and we are now close to the solution.
“We have already talked to the player’s representatives, and they have agreed to make a loan, but we need to make sure that the player will be able not to play for Juventus.
He is a key player for us.
We have to find the right solution for this.

The rumours of a transfer of Ronaldo to the Bianco Nerra are not unfounded.
However, the club has not yet managed to buy him, and the player is still considered a key member of the team.
In any case, it is clear that there is a lot of competition for places in the squad, and it is quite possible that the Bianconeri will be forced to make some transfers to strengthen the position of the club in Serie A.
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The transfer of the Portuguese is a good opportunity for the club, but it is not the only one. The club needs to make more changes, and this is what Lotito has said.
Now, the Bianconi are in the middle of a number of transfers, and many of them will have a positive effect on the club.
For example, the following players will be sold:
* Stefano Bonomo;
* Gianluigi Buffon;

* Giorgio Chiellini.
These players will help the club to strengthen its position in Serie.
According to the information from the club website, the transfer budget for the next season is €20 million.
That is a large amount, but if the club manages to sign one of the players mentioned above, it will be quite possible to improve the position in the standings.
Livescore of the most interesting matches of the Serie A
The season has already shown that Juventus is not in a good shape. The team has not managed to get into the Champions League zone for a while, and now the club is in the Serie a.
There are a lot more interesting matches in Serie a, and for this reason, it’ll be very interesting to watch them.
Among the most intriguing matches of Serie a this season, there are:
· “Juventus” vs “Inter”;
· “Napoli” against “Atalanta”.
Both matches are very interesting, and fans can watch them on the sports statistics website.
Juventus is in a very difficult situation, because it needs to buy a new goalkeeper, as the team has a number 1.
Also, the team needs to strengthen other positions, and that is why the transfer is so important.
Fans can follow livescore of these matches on the website of sports statistics.
Main transfer news for the Biancons
The team is in very bad shape, and there are a number things that need to be done.
One of them is the transfer.
If the club wants to get out of this situation, it needs a new keeper.
A number of players have already left the team, and a number others will leave the club before the end of the season.
Therefore, the goalkeeper is a priority for the team and its fans.
Many fans are interested in the goalkeeper, because the club needs a goalkeeper that can save the team from the crisis.
Another problem that the team is facing is the lack of goals.
After the victory in the Champions league, Juventus was in a pretty good shape, but now the team doesn’t have the motivation to win the next tournament.
At the same time, the players are not in the best shape, too, and if they don’’ t win the Champions, then they will not win the league.
Thus, the situation is not good, and in order to get a new goal, the fans can follow the livescore on the site of sports statistical.
Serie A live score
The previous season, Juventus lost to Inter, and then it was clear that it needed a new player.
So, the new goalkeeper will be important for the future of the Biancini. Fans can follow Serie a live score on the fscore website. Here, they can find the latest information about the matches of Juventus and its rivals.
Here, the information is updated in real time, which allows fans to follow the development of events in real-time.
You can also follow livescores of matches of other teams, and you can find them on this website. It is a place where fans can find information about matches of their favorite teams.

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