Isco: “Juve one of the most difficult opponents in Europe” – not Real Madrid

Isco: “Juve one of the most difficult opponents in Europe”  – not Real Madrid

Isco: “Juve one of the most difficult opponents in Europe” – not Real Madrid, Barcelona or Atletico

By Football Italia staff
“Juventus are one of our most difficult rivals,” the goalkeeper told the website. “They have a great squad, but we can’t count on the team being able to score a lot of goals.”
The Bianco Neri are ‘the main competitors’ of the Old Signora, who are “very strong and confident”. ”We’re always ready to fight, even if we’ll be playing with the best teams in the world.“
The ‘Juventus’ goalkeeper also revealed that the team is not going to “take the easy way out” and “let the rivals have the last laugh”, as they did against “Barcelona” in the Champions League.
”We won’ t let ourselves be taken advantage of by anyone,“ he added. ‘We”ll do our best to win the Scudetto, but it’s always difficult to do this in the current season.‘
‘Juve’ have already managed to win one trophy, the Coppa Italia, and are ’stronger than their rivals’.
The team is in excellent shape, as well as the goalkeeper, who is in “excellent form” at the moment.

’The team has a good chance of winning the Champions league again, so it”s important to ‘play well’ in the group stage, as ‘we’ve already done it in the past.’

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Juventus ‘one of the main rivals”
The Old Signorile are ”the main rivals of the team” “Juve,’ the goalkeeper said. ’They have the same style of play, and we”ve already seen that the “Bianconeri” are „stronger and more confident than us.„
„We“ll do everything we can to win, but ‘it”d be nice to win a trophy, as we did in the previous season.
However, the Old ‘Signorile’ are ‚one of our main competitors,‘ as “Napoli” have ‘a good squad and are stronger than us,„ the goalkeeper added.
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Team ‘stronger’ than ‘Barcelona and Real’
In the Champions ‘League’, the ”Barca” team has ‘played really well,  and it“s not surprising that they“re the main competitors of ‘Real‘.
This season, the Catalans have a good squad, which can be ‘strengthened’ by the arrival of “Valencia” player, “Sevilla” midfielder and ‘Bayern’ defender.
In addition, the club has “Lyon” goalkeeper who is ‘in excellent form‘ and is “one of their main competitors. 
‍The “Real” players are ‛the strongest‘ in the ’League, but the ‚Barcelona team is ‛one of ’our main competitors in the domestic arena.‚“
“We‘ll see if we can ‘win‘ the Champions‘ League, but if we do, it‘s important not to lose points in the Europa League.‗
‚We‚ll do ‘everything we can,‚ the goalkeeper assured. ‚We have a lot to prove, but in the long run we“ve got a good opportunity to win.‖
※ ‘Lyon ‘“are ‘very strong, but they‘re not ‛our main rivals, because we‘ve got ‛a good team‘ too.‛
‛We‛ll see who will be the main competitor of the ‛Barcs‘, ‛we“m ‛very confident‘ of winning. ““We have ‛good players‘ who can ‛do their best‘ to win in the next season. We“d like to do our ‛best‘ for the team. ”“It“ s important to do ‛everything we‛ve got to win“ in the future. “The team“ has ‛always won“.‌“ We”re ‛stronger now than we were in the last season. It“ “s important for us to do well in the upcoming season.

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