Manchester United: 4 players in the list of the best transfers this summer

Manchester United: 4 players in the list of the best transfers this summer

Manchester United are in the middle of a busy transfer campaign, which has already seen the acquisition of a number of players who will help the Red Devils to fight for the title.
The club has already signed the following players:
* Romelu Lukaku;
* Marcus Rashford;
β€’ Anthony Martial;
– and more.
This summer, the club also made a number changes to the team lineup, which will help it to fight against the rivals for the championship.
In the Premier League, the Red devils are in a good shape, too. They have already managed to win the title for the second time in a row. The team has already managed a good start in the new season, and it is now in the best position in the standings.
Manchester City is the main rival of the Red team, and the fight for gold medals is very close. The Citizens have already won the Premier league for the third time in the last four years, and they are now in a strong position.

The last few years have shown that the Citizens are not going to give up. They are always ready to fight and do their best to win. However, the main rivals of the Citizens in the fight are:
Β· Arsenal;
Β· Chelsea;
– and more,
which is why the Citizens have to be careful not to lose points in the matches against the main contenders for the gold medals.
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All the latest transfers in the Premier club
The transfer campaign of Manchester United has already shown that it is not going well for the Red and Black. The club has a number players who are not performing at their best.
Among the latest acquisitions, we can highlight:
1. Romel
2. Anthony Martial
3. Matteo Darmian
4. Anthony Newey
5. Marcos Rojo
6. Luke Young
7. Wilfried Zaha
8. Alexis Sanchez
9. Anthony Smalling
10. Anthony Pogba
11. Alexis Sane
12. Nemanja Matic
13. Anthony Latsis
14. Anthony Tchani
15. Matteos Darmio
16. Nani
17. Fred
18. Anthony Rochford
19. De Gea
20. Rashford
21. Pogba.
22. Martial.
23. Smalling.
24. Young.
25. Smicer.
26. Smurf.
27. Smiley.
28. Smugglers.
29. Smuts.
30. Smit.
31. Smithers.
32. Smalls.
33. Smiles.
34. Smell.
35. Smells.
36. Smut.
37. Smokes.
38. Smuds.
39. Smudge.
40. Smudger.
41. Smupp.
42. Smooch.
43. Smutz.
44. Smike.
45. Smirk.
46. Smirks.
47. Smid.
48. Smilf.
You may have noticed that the list is not that long, so the club has to make some transfers to strengthen the squad.
Will Manchester United be able to fight successfully for the champion title this season?
The Red devils have a good squad, so it is possible that they will be able not only to fight but to win gold medals this season. The main rivals for them are: Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, and more…
The Citizens have a number advantages over the team from the Old Trafford, too, which can be seen in the following points:
β€’ The Citizens are in good shape. They managed to finish in the top-4 for the fourth consecutive year, which is another proof that they are not giving up.
β€’ They have a strong lineup, too:
● Lukaku – Lukaku is a great player, who can help the team to win a lot of points.
● Rashford – the young player is a real leader, who is able to motivate the team.
Β· Martial – the Frenchman is a good player, and he is able not to miss a single match.
It is obvious that the team is in a great shape, and this is why it is so important to strengthen it.
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Main rivals of Manchester City in the championship
The Premier league is a very tough tournament, and Manchester City is one of the main competitors of the club from the Etihad. The last few seasons have shown the Citizens that they can not give up, and now they are in great shape.
However, the team has a lot to do to get to the top, and there are still a lot more matches ahead. The current champion is very difficult to get out of the championship, and City needs to strengthen its lineup in order to fight in the next round.
At the moment, the Citizens look very strong, and their main rivals are: Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham and more..

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