Perisic: “I like United and Real Madrid but staying at Inter is my priority”

Perisic: “I like United and Real Madrid but staying at Inter is my priority”

By Football Italia staff
“We’ve had a really good season and we’re not going to stop now. We’ll see if we can win the Champions League and the Europa League. We have a lot of matches ahead of us, so we”’d like to win the Europa Cup, too.
Inter have a really difficult season ahead, but they’s a good squad too, so the team can fight for the top 4.
‘We”’s priority is to win La Liga, and we have to do our best to do it. We know that we have a good chance of doing it, but we have some problems, too, because we“‘re not playing as a team.
It”s true that we‘ve had some problems with the players, but now we„ll find a solution to them. We won“t stop at La Liga. We want to win at all fronts, and that“s why we‡‘ll do our very best to win in the domestic and international arenas.
We“ll see how the season goes, but if we‚ll see, we›ll be able to say that we won‚t stop. We can“ve already say that in the last season, and this time we‸ll do everything to win.

’’The players are really motivated and want to do their best. We all want to be the best in the world, and it“d be great if we could achieve this.”

Inter are in a difficult situation, but the team has a good foundation, so it”ll be a real pleasure to watch it.
In the summer, the team will be strengthened, and many players will be able not only to improve their position in the standings, but also to get into the starting line-up.
The main goal of the new players is to fight for a place in the Champions“ League zone, and they”re ready to do everything for it. They“re not only able to help the team in the Europa“ Cup, but to do the same in the next season too. The club is also looking forward to the new season, because the team is in a really strong position.
At the moment, the squad is really strong, and the players are able to show their maximum at any time of the day.
Now, Inter is in the top four of the standings. The team is very close to the top, but it’ s still not enough to guarantee a place at the top of the European arena.
However, the club is ready to fight until the end, and if the situation changes, then it‘s possible to make a positive result.
You can always follow the results of the team on the website of sports statistics.
Main Results of the Season
The season of the Italian championship has already ended, and now we can see the main results of it. The teams have played a lot, and so far, the results are really positive.
Of course, the main goal for the teams is to be in the European Cup zone, but so far the results have been really good.
Also, the teams are in the best shape, so they can fight against each other.
This season, the Champions “League” has been won by Juventus, and in the end of the season, it was the Bianconeri who won the title.
They“ re in the first position, and Inter is now in the second position. The first position was won by Napoli, but this time, the “Lazio” can’t be called a failure, because it„s in the third position. “Napoli was in the fourth position, but “Juventus” is now the main favourite.
For the first time in a long time, “Inter” was in a position where it had to fight against “Barcelona”. The Catalans won the Champions Cup, so “Internat” won”t be in a bad mood.
Juventus is really confident, and its players are ready to play at 100%.
The team has already won the Italian Cup, and there“ s no doubt that it‚s going to win more trophies in the future.
Team“’s Prospects in Second Half of Season
In general, the season has been really successful for the team. In the Champions league, it has already been won, and at the end it was Juventus who won it. However, the victory in the Cup was a real surprise, because “Barca” had already won it a few months ago.
If we look at the results, we can say that the team really showed its maximum, and won a lot.
There are a lot more matches ahead, and “inter” will have to show its maximum in them.
All the results so far show that the season is really developing, and already now it‹s clear that the main favourites are Juventus and Inter.

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